“The prospector’s home and O’Reilly’s Store”

Experience the history … wonder at the mystery …

About 50 million years ago, torrents of water scoured gold from the reefs formed on the mountain, washing it down the then barren slopes of Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) in a raging river. Where did it go?

In October 1880 on a visit to the Montreal Goldfield, Government Surveyor Graeme Lamont Young, his assistant and three other men vanished in what has become one of the nation’s most baffling mysteries.

How are these events connected?

Visit Montreal Goldfield to experience the history and mystery of this special place.

Tours run daily at 2pm or by arrangement.

For those unable to take the tour please call the Bermagui Information Centre to book an extra guide to tell you the Montreal story and Bermagui Mystery from an arm chair in the Heritage Centre.

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